Founder's Story

Hello Friend, I'm Tiffany, Founder of Abundant Earth Labs.

I created Abundant Earth Labs to serve those ready to heal from the physical effects of stress and overwhelm, commonly experienced as exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, and/or sleep deprivation.

Did you know that according to the latest scientific research and the World Health Organization, FEAR  is the primary source of stress hormones?  And, furthermore, that stress is considered the health epidemic of the 21st century? 

I didn’t either until nine years ago when my life took some unexpected turns.

My husband had just returned from a 15 month deployment to Iraq in 2008, when we found out we were pregnant with identical twin girls.  Double wow! 

We were both working out of Washington, D.C. at the time.  I worked within the intelligence sector and my husband served with the Army’s prestigious Old Guard unit at Arlington National Cemetery. 

As Type A “achievers” we had proven that we could do hard things, but when we chose to transition out of our respective military and government jobs nine months after the twins were born, nothing went according to plan.

All we wanted was to build a life where we weren’t under the threat of deployment and separation, but finding a new civilian path proved harder than we were prepared for.

Unmet expectations coupled with twelve months of career confusion, three moves, twin parenthood exhaustion, and unprocessed stress from our former careers brought us to a gridlock of despair and fatigue. My husband held on to hope.  Me? From the outside, I was a smiling new mother of twins. On the inside? Woman down.

Depression hit me slow and steady until I no longer recognized my thoughts and emotions.

I woke up one day and realized that I had lost hope, and I had lost faith. Despair and despondency flooded in... and lasted for over two years.

I now look back on that season of depression and I bless it. Crazy? Not crazy. If it weren't for the severity of my nutritional depletion, exhaustion, and depression, I never would have found myself sitting in front of one of the nation's top naturopathic doctors, questioning everything and begging for my old self – my true self – back. 

And that's when the magic happened. Rock bottom can be special like that. Where other doctors had failed me, the holistic mental, physical, and spiritual approach of my naturopathic doctor gave me the hope, the supplements, and the mindset to heal.  And I didn’t just heal, I grew.  A lot. 

My education on the interplay between depleted bodies, depleted minds, and depleted souls set me on a passionate path to set others free. I am a firm believer in the role nutritional and herbal supplements provide to combat the epidemic of stress and fatigue because they were the first tools that offered me relief when I didn’t know how to help myself.

My journey testing and researching the most effective ingredients for stress support led me to create Abundant Earth Labs as a tool to share the experience of relief and restoration with others.  I'm honored to serve you.

In Wellness,