Do I Need To Refrigerate My Whole Food Multivitamins?

Refrigeration is not necessary as long as your vitamins are stored in a dry place.  In addition, there is no need to worry about the probiotics in our formula losing potency when shipping to hot climates as we purposefully chose the two probiotics that are most resistant to heat and stomach acid.  Our probiotics are stable up to 185 degrees and can withstand the heat of non air-conditioned transportation and hot mailboxes.  After opening, please ensure that your vitamins are kept in a dry place as moisture from humidity can make them spoil. 

Can I Take The Full Multivitamin Dose at Once?

You sure can and most people do! Taking all three tablets at once with breakfast or lunch is the best way to feel the full effects of our formula, especially if you desire the steady energy support.  There is no need to spread the tablets out during the day, unless that’s your preference.  Our multivitamins are specifically formulated to be easy on the stomach so you won't feel nauseated taking all three tablets at once.

Do I Need To Take My Vitamins With A Meal?

Yes, please do.  Our multivitamins contain a mix of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, so you'll receive more benefits from them if you take them with a meal containing healthy fats  (dairy, eggs, yogurt, olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc).  

What Time of Day Should I Take the Multivitamin?

They are best taken with either breakfast or lunch.  Our formula contains a highly effective, energy enhancing Vitamin B complex that could possibly interfere with sleep if taken in the later afternoon or evening.  Don’t worry, our vitamins don’t contain caffeine (so you won’t be running 10 laps around the block after taking them) but still, it’s enough to interfere with sleep for some sensitive individuals.

How Big Are the Tablets?

Our tablets are on the small size for industry standards, measuring slightly under 3/4", or about the width of a dime. They are also tasteless and easy to swallow, due to our special vegan coating.  


Umm, Why is My Urine Neon Yellow After Taking My Multivitamins?

Great question!  One word: Riboflavin.  Riboflavin (also known as Vitamin B2) supports adrenal function, helps calm the nervous system, and helps turn food into energy.  It’s also absorbed quickly within 1.5 hours of intake.  The body won't hold on to extra amounts of Riboflavin, so after it absorbs the amount it needs, it quickly excretes the leftovers in the urine.  Our formula has a healthy amount of Riboflavin to help anyone dealing with depletion, so don’t be surprised that your body doesn’t need it all.  Riboflavin has a bizarre neon reactivity to light, so it’s perfectly normal to get bright yellow urine for a short while after taking!  It's actually a good sign, signalling that our vitamins have properly released into your system.

How long before I see results?

The benefits you feel from taking our formula, such as increased energy and a happier mood, are just extras compared to the long term health benefits of our multivitamin.  Many people do feel a difference after only 1-2 weeks on our formula, but the honest truth is that results vary depending on the individual.  Some people feel like a brand new person after a few weeks, and others don't notice any difference at all - and that's okay.  A complex formula like ours works daily to fortify and improve the very foundation of your health and that's what counts most.  Some ingredients like our B12 (energy) and D3 (brain function and mood support) work quickly because they are water soluble and release easily into the system.  Other ingredients slowly and steadily build up to restore depletion and only then can their benefits be felt.  All together, it takes 3-4 months for your body to operate with new results.  Abundant Earth Labs' Whole Food Multivitamin starts to restore, replenish, and boost your health after your very first dosage, with only more incredible results to follow soon after. 

Are your products safe?

Absolutely. At Abundant Earth Labs, we have a strict set of processes in place to make sure every product you buy has the right strength, composition, purity, and quality of ingredients. Safety, excellence, and effectiveness are our top priorities.

Beyond Abundant Earth Labs’ own set of standards, overseen by our partnered medical staff, we follow all industry regulations. Many people think that the supplement industry is unregulated, but that is simply untrue. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carefully regulates the manufacturing processes, safety of ingredients, and marketing practices for all nutritional supplements. In addition, a number of independent organizations have set up additional quality and testing standards that exceed FDA standards.  Abundant Earth Labs participates in several of these programs and follows standards that often go well beyond what’s required.

How do I get my money back?

At Abundant Earth Labs, we make it easy with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which covers both open and unopened products.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product, simply write us at support@abundantearthlabs.com within 60 days of purchase, and add “Refund Request” to the subject line.

In your email, please include 1) a brief explanation of why you’re unhappy, and 2) your order #. 

Next, please return your unopened bottle(s) to:

Returns Dept.

Abundant Earth Labs

2260 S Cole Rd
Suite 110
Boise,  ID  83709


*We will issue a complete refund to the original form of payment as soon as you email us your return Tracking Number, or, your bottle(s) is received by our Returns Dept. 

*To be eligible for a refund, your purchase must be made directly from Abundant Earth Labs on Amazon or on this website AbundantEarthLabs.com.

If you have purchased an Abundant Earth Labs product from another, unauthorized website or a retail location, please contact them directly for order related issues.

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