July 20, 2023 5 min read

10 Nourishing Ways to Connect with Nature this Summer

10 Nourishing Ways to Connect with Nature this Summer

Who said summer fun was just for kids? At Abundant Earth Labs, we believe that people of all ages deserve to indulge in the joys of summer and embrace the restorative power of nature.

In this blog post, we are thrilled to present ten restorative and truly enjoyable ways for you to immerse yourself in nature this summer. 

These ideas are perfect for solo adventures or for creating memorable experiences with your friends and family.  So, get ready to connect with the bounty of the earth and rejuvenate your body and uplift your spirit! 

1.  Open the windows.


First things first, let that fresh air in! Opening your windows not only invites the sights, sounds, and fragrances of summer into your living space but it also makes everything feel clean and bright. You can enjoy the chirping of birds and the subtle aroma of blooming flowers or freshly mowed grass. This connection with nature always gives an instant mood lift.


2.  Plant or pot something new to watch GROW.


Caring for plants and watching them grow and bloom is its own form of therapy. I wrote about this topic in the origin story of Abundant Earth Labs here and I still swear by this practice.

If you have a brown thumb, no fear.  For a house plant that is hard to kill and easy to resuscitate, I recommend the beautiful Peace Lily, and for an outdoor plant that often blooms into fall, dahlia’s are low maintenance and reap a bounty of flowers (pictured above). Both plants can be found at local nurseries.


3.  Buy yourself flowers.


Indulge in the simple luxury of treating yourself to a bouquet of flowers. Whether you support a local seller or find a beautiful option at your supermarket, your mood will thank you.  Instead of opting for the usual kitchen table or counter display, experiment with placing a vibrant bouquet on your bedside table. Embrace the joy of starting and ending each day surrounded by the beauty of flowers. 


4.  Visit your local farmers market.


Grab that canvas tote or French basket, a coffee from the corner shop, and enjoy a stroll through your local farmer’s market!  There’s no better way to support your local growers and makers while also bringing home fresh, in-season produce and handmade products to enjoy.  If you haven’t yet tried goat milk soaps, they are amazing, and so are beeswax candles. Be adventurous, try out some new products, and enjoy connecting with your community.


5.  Picnic outside, European style.


One of the many charms of European cities is the abundance of locally sourced produce markets, specialty cheese shops, delicatessens, and exquisite pastry vendors.  It makes grab-and-go picnicking so easy.  Don’t let the thought of extensive prep work deter you from picnicking with friends and family this summer.  

Instead of laboring over multi-ingredient sandwiches, pasta salads, and fruit mixes, opt for simplicity by selecting key single items that make picnicking a breeze.  Our favorite recommendations? Blocks of cheese, fresh cherries and grapes, sliced deli meat, honey, jam, sea salt crackers, and lemon sorbet for dessert.  Add a bottle of your favorite beverage, et voila!  Special note: many of these items can be found at your local farmer’s market.

6.  Learn a new cuisine or cooking skill.


New creative endeavors are good for the soul and what better way to put all that fresh produce from the farmer’s market to use than by learning a new recipe or cooking skill.  Your public library is an amazing place to peruse cookbooks and find inspiration.  If you love a cookbook, you can always buy it after trying it first at the library. 

For example, this summer I’ve chosen to work my way through two cookbooks: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook by Frances Mayes, and Art of the Pie cookbook by Kate McDermott.  I’ve wanted to grow my skills in both specialties, and zero family and friends are complaining about the pies!  

7.  Paint nature outside using watercolor.


“Plein air” painting is the act of painting outdoors from nature and you don’t need to be a master artist to enjoy this beautiful combination of creativity and nature.

There is a wonderful channel on YouTube called “Let’s Make Art” that offers free, nature inspired watercolor tutorials that are often suitable for the entire family and that only require basic watercolors and 2-3 brushes.  My daughters and I have been painting outside, using these watercolor tutorials for the past four summers and now it’s become a summer tradition.  It doesn’t matter how good you are - it matters that you have fun!


8.  Add natural elements to your home decorating.


Humans have an innate connection to nature and by bringing natural elements into your home décor, it can truly promote a greater sense of calm and contentment. It also helps you feel connected to the current season while keeping your living space fresh and dynamic.  

Some ideas to get started: Bring in fresh flowers or tree branches to put in vases, burn clean candles made from natural beeswax or soy in gentle floral scents for summer, hang botanical or nature inspired artwork on the walls, display treasures from nature walks like rocks, shells, feathers, and driftwood on your kitchen window sills and coffee tables, hang woven grass window shades, and use paint, fabric, and decorating color schemes inspired by your favorite natural elements. 


9.  Read outside.


This always feels like the ultimate act of rebellion.  There is something about telling your life who’s boss, and leaving the tasks and productivity pressures behind to enjoy a beautiful read outside, where for a moment, time stands still and it’s just you, the breeze, and a beautiful escape.  As Jhumpa Lahiri so aptly put it, “That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” 


10.  Capture the beauty around you with nature photography.


Grab your camera or smartphone and venture into nature with the eye of a photographer. Capture the beauty you encounter, whether it's a vibrant flower, a majestic tree canopy, or a playful butterfly. Let the act of photography deepen your connection to and appreciation of the natural world.  


In Conclusion


This summer, make it a priority to reconnect with nature and experience the profound nourishment it offers. Whether through contemplative walks, preparing food, or immersive outdoor activities, the opportunities to engage with the natural world are endless and only require the simple act of choosing to be present. Embrace the magic of this glowing season and let nature be your guide to joy this summer.


 *If you're new to Abundant Earth Labs and would like to learn more about the heart of our brand, we invite you to read our origin story here .